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Do - The Monster Under My Bed

Probably none of you know what Do is, other than people who followed up on what I linked on Facebook or Twitter already, but allow me to give a brief rundown. Do is a storytelling game in which the players take the role of pilgrims of a flying temple who are sent out all over a universe of planets to solve different problems. How do the pilgrims hear about all the unfortunate events and cantankerous problems throughout this universe?

By someone sending them a letter, of course!

Now, after the Do Kickstarter did so phenomenally well, the designers decided to add a little treat for people who donated to help start the production of the game - a booklet of letters which won't be present in the actual game. To get these letters for that booklet, they've asked fans of both the game and the company doing it (the excellent Evil Hat) to write some letters they'd like to see.

I have a few ideas for letters, but I'm not sure what markers to use for my first one, at least. Markers are things that let the pilgrims know what kind of problem this letter entails. Here's a list of the markers and some guidelines for writing letters and I want to see what you all think the following letter should be marked as.

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Five ordinary individuals. One extraordinary tale.


One hundred years ago, settlers came to a beautiful glade in a deep wood. A sparkling brook ran beside it and they looked at one another and knew. This was the place to begin. This was the place to build their hopes and dreams. Far enough away from Mercer that the king's eyes would not always be upon it, but close enough to pay him a due tax and expect protection. Nestled in a valley so wonderful as to defy description, the village of Remndawn was born.


One hundred years have come and gone like pages in an altogether too short book. The village has grown into a small town, which has been described by gypsies and traveling bards as a bucolic gem. The villagers - well, townsfolk now - have beaten back all manner of threats. The elements in their first years and the goblins from the head of the valley later on. Little do they know that another threat is just on the horizon ...


So, anyway, I'm starting a new tabletop RPG through IRC pretty soon and I thought I'd mention it to my friendslist. Go poke at for some more information. If you can get on IRC and go to and the channel #incurro, that's where you can get to me for more info.
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My Wife is Amazing

So, because it was rather cheap and we've been jonesing for an MMORPG fix for a while, my wife and I bought LOTRO the other day. I spent about the rest of that day trying to get it installed. It didn't work.

Then my wife tries yesterday and it worked fine. Because she has a grey thumb or something like that.


This is too awesome and too ... quintessentially me ... that I can't help but do it.

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.
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Given what has happened with LJ recently, I don't really want to journal here anymore. I've got a blog now at the following url.

I also have an RSS feed on LJ - falar_wp (for a full text of each of my entries) or falar_oak (which shows the first paragraph or so). So. Add that if you want to keep seeing me?

I'll still be reading my friends page and all. I just won't have my stuff on their servers.

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Hello all you people on the internet. Thank you for your assurances that you read this LJ.

I am also back. With DSL. In the little, little, little town I'm in. It's great to have the wires back.

Now I can stop playing Ascendancy all the time. Or not. It is, after all, TERRIBLY addictive.
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Aaaaaargh! Wrrrry!

So, I'm at the library. 'Cause this morning I found out who I was going to get internet from at my new digs ... well ... happens to have a ONE MONTH WAITING LIST for people. So. Yeah. I'm tracking down other options.

I thought all you people out in internet land might want to know.

Then again, none of you probably read this.
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So, ladies and gentlemen, I tried to enter another guild game project lead by the team that brought you Guild Perilous. I thought I'd be able to help and we'd be able to bring you an awesome product. I thought there wouldn't be petty stuff and we'd all be an awesome team working together to produce pure minted gold in the form of Mercenaries Anonymous. I even gave it it's uber-cool name and came up with the kickass ending to the plot.

I was wrong. As soon as we were getting down to the nitty-gritty and it wasn't just us playing in a sandbox so the GMs can take our ideas and use them, WingedCat decided to ban the most intelligent, most adamant person on the team. Unfortunately, he was also the only reason I thought there'd be anything good out of the game. So I left and let Dubs know how disappointed I was in his petty favoritism and playing us like suckers. And I'm out like gangbusters.

Well, maybe Halmar's Hammers will be rocking out shortly after, before, or during Mercenaries Anonymous. Or something even better. Because we're that awesome. Returners people know it. And now the know what MA did to their talent.

As Elisha put it, "Fucker stole your tires while you were in the gas station gettin' smokes!"